Arrested 26 drug traffickers carrying hashish from Malaga to Paris and Marseille

Almost six tons of hashish and 750,000 euros in cash have been seized, among other effects

The dismantled organization planned to steal drugs from a “nursery” and kill the person who guarded it

Within the framework of the Tenebro operation, the Civil Guard and the French National Gendarmerie have dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to transporting huge quantities of hashish from Malaga to Paris and Marseille (France).
This joint operation has resulted in the arrest of 26 people. Those responsible for the organization were in France, while those responsible for the logistics, storage and distribution of the drug were arrested in Malaga. All of them are charged with the crimes of belonging to a criminal organization, drug trafficking, theft of vehicles and documentary falsity.
Of the 19 registrations made in Paris, Marseille (France), Nerja, Marbella and Estepona (Málaga), 5,950 kilograms of hashish, 750,000 euros in cash, 5 high-end vehicles – one stolen in France and recovered in our country have been seized – In addition to numerous information and communication systems.

Macabre plan

The investigation began more than a year ago and has been developed in several phases. In a first phase, the Civil Guard was aware of the intention of the organization to kill a person in charge of guarding the drug of several drug trafficking organizations. The detainees wanted to steal this drug and hold the person they planned to kill responsible for theft.
A first police device established in Nerja (Málaga) in front of one of the organization's homes arrested four members of the organization while trying to flee in a vehicle. In the housing register, a fifth person was arrested and 2,100 kilograms of hashish and several French license plates were found.
After these first arrests, a joint investigation is initiated with the French National Gendarmerie. This exchange of information between the two police forces has allowed the seizure of 3,850 kilograms of hashish on French soil.
In a subsequent exploitation phase developed in both countries, the total dismantling of this organization has been achieved with the arrest of 18 people in the neighboring country – among those who were the leaders – and two more in the province of Malaga.
The investigation has been developed by the Organized Crime and Anti-Drug Team (EDOA) of the Judicial Police Organic Unit of the Civil Guard Command of Malaga in collaboration with the National Gendarmerie of Paris-Marseille.


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