Arrested for stealing more than 200 hives in Seville

The economic losses caused to beekeepers exceed 30,000 euros

The ROCA teams of the Civil Guard (Anti-Theft Teams in the Field) intensify their vigilance these days to guarantee the food supply

The Civil Guard has arrested a person in Alcalá del Río (Seville) for stealing a total of 246 hives and their swarms. The value of the economic losses caused amounts to 30,760 euros.

The detainee, 50 years old, stole between six and eight hives a day, and used little-traveled roads to avoid police control.

In addition, he has also been denounced for having apicultural farms without being registered to exercise this activity.

The robberies have taken place in the towns of Alcalá del Río and Castilblanco de los Arroyos (Seville). In the latter, there is a very important beekeeping cooperative in Andalusia, which brings together almost all beekeepers from all over the province.

In the clarification of these crimes, the ROCA teams (Teams to Combat Robbery in the Field) have played a fundamental role. Since the decree of the state of alarm, the civil guards of these special groups in the camp have intensified their vigilance to guarantee the food supply.

The ROCA agents' investigation led to the main suspect in the robberies, an amateur beekeeper, who was not registered with the OCA (Comarcal Agricultural Offices). In this way, the detainee sought to avoid any possible police investigation against him.

Signed hives

To conclude the investigation, the fire marking carried out by beekeepers in their hives has been an element that clarifies the facts. The Civil Guard inspected the clandestine exploitation that the detainee owned, and there he found these honeycombs signed by their owners.

The detainee has also been denounced for not respecting the forced confinement with the state of alarm.

The investigation remains open, in case the author was involved in more robberies.

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For more information, you can contact the Press Office of the Civil Guard in Seville, by calling 954 23 53 22.


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