Arrested in Tenerife a dangerous fugitive from the US authorities accused of kidnapping, torture and threats

In collaboration with the FBI

This detention is derived from an International Detention Order (OID) issued by the North American authorities against this person

The detainee abducted and brutally tortured a person to steal $ 50,000

The arrests of fugitives claimed by other countries in Spain has increased by 22% compared to 2017

The Civil Guard, in the so-called NKORINA operation, has arrested 53-year-old SNKN in Guargacho (Tenerife), born in Paris (France) and American nationality, but of Russian origin, after being located in the Canary archipelago after have fled the US, where he is accused of serious crimes against people, specifically kidnapping, torture and threats.

After decreeing the US authorities an OID against this person, and suspecting that it was in Spain, the Justice Fugue Team of the Central Operative Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard initiated an investigation to find the whereabouts of it, all in close collaboration with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. (FBI).

Beatings and burns with a torch

This person was sued by the US authorities, after very serious events occurred in the south of the state of Florida in the middle of last January, when SNKN reduced his victim with an electronic weapon, then introduced it in a van, all this at the doors of a commercial establishment.
According to the story of the victim, after these events, he woke up in a room full of all kinds of weapons, bound hand and foot, where he was repeatedly and persistently beaten by the detainee and an accomplice. They hesitated to use even a torch to burn their hands.
The victim had no choice but to provide his attackers with the address of his residence, as well as the code of the alarm and the location of the place where he would have deposited about $ 50,000.
After weeks of investigation between the province of Madrid and the island of Tenerife, the Civil Guard finally located the fugitive in the area of ​​Guargacho, in San Miguel de Abona, Tenerife, where he had settled with his wife in a rental house, trying to hide from the authorities.
A police device for the arrest of the dangerous offender was established in the vicinity of the home, with the support of special units of the Civil Guard and members of the American agency of the FBI, carrying out their arrest and transfer to police stations.
A common feature in many of the fugitives from justice, is that they look for very populated areas to hide, especially tourist areas with a large presence of foreigners, where they feel more secure and go unnoticed.
The arrests in Spain of criminals on which international arrest warrants or European orders for arrest and surrender weigh, suffered a strong rebound last year, as the figure rose to 915 arrests, 22 percent more than in 2017, when they posted 750.
In this investigation have participated, in addition to the UCO Escape Team of the Justic, the Canary ECO (UCO Organized Crime Team), the Reserve and Security Group No. 8 with headquarters in Tenerife, among other units of the Commandery of Tenerife of the Civil Guard.
The detainee has been placed at the disposal of the National High Court.
For more information, contact the Press Office of the Central Operation Unit (U.C.O.), telephone 91 503 13 27.


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