Arrested in the Canary Islands a false businessman who sexually abused his victims in job interviews

He was posing as a marketing executive for a bodypainting company looking for models for ad campaigns

So far, the Civil Guard has located two victims, although the investigation remains open in case there could be more

The Civil Guard has arrested a 22-year-old man in Lanzarote who posed as a businessman to sexually abuse women who attended his fake job interviews in Gran Canaria.

The detainee, with a history of crimes of the same nature, contacted the victims through his false profile on a social network. Through direct messages, she posed as a worker at a bodypainting company looking for models for advertising campaigns.

After promising them that they would earn 3,200 euros for three photo sessions for a multinational company in the cosmetic sector, he invited his victims to a casting in a hotel in the south of Gran Canaria, where the false marketing manager would receive them.

Once in the hotel accommodation, the detainee conducted the interviews in one of the rooms, excusing himself at the closure of the hotel's assembly hall due to sanitary restrictions.

Although the interview was apparently carried out in a professional manner through the delivery of contracts, the false executive required a swimsuit display to "test" the cosmetic products that he allegedly marketed.

After one of the encounters, the detainee contacted one of the women again to make a new appointment, which allowed the officers to visit the hotel where he was staying. The alleged perpetrator had left minutes before the event but the true identity of this individual could be obtained.

The Civil Guard was able to determine that this person had carried out an elaborate plan, posing as an executive of an advertising company, to contact a certain profile of women (young and with the intention of entering the world of fashion), to which made them believe that he intended to hire them for a highly paid job with an international company. During the castings he took advantage of the fact that they would wear a bathing suit to sexually abuse them, in addition to recording them and obtaining photographs of them.

So far, two victims have denounced the abuses. The investigation, carried out by the main post of the Civil Guard in Puerto Rico-Mogán (Gran Canaria), is still open and the identification of more victims is not ruled out.

The arrest carried out by the judicial police of Costa Teguise (Lanzarote) had to be carried out with extreme sanitary measures since one of the detainee's cohabitants was isolated at home due to covid19.

Contact for possible victims: Main Post of Puerto Rico-Mogán by phone 928.15.27.20 or by email at

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For more information, you can contact the Peripheral Communication Office of the Civil Guard of Las Palmas, at 636.472.329.


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