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The president of Cs assures that "the Spaniards have done their part and now it is up to the Government" and asks for a "rescue plan for the affected sectors" because "they will not last six months without a

The president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, has assured the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, that "with limited rights, accountability must be increased: it is first in democracy." "Did they really intend to come here with a state of alarm for six months without parliamentary control and without even being presented by the Prime Minister? Do not tell me that you are going to come to the committee every fifteen days or that they already come to the control sessions because that is normal ”, the leader of the liberal formation has warned.

In the government control session held in Congress, Arrimadas said that "this state of alarm is very democratic but also very improvable" and asked Illa why the Executive "has not made a plan to coordinate resources, such as UCI for example ", and" why is there no national plan that provides certainty so that citizens do not have to be looking at the BOE of their communities ". "Where is the rescue plan for the sectors that are going to be affected? They will not last six months without aid ”, the president of Cs has warned the Government.

“We are a state party, a responsible party that from minute one we have come out of the fight and we have reached out; you also have to measure up and rectify ”, Arrimadas asked Illa. The leader of Cs has assured that "the Spanish have fulfilled their part and now it is up to the Government".

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