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The president of Cs asks the Government to review the restrictions of the Christmas Plan and 'assume the reins and be prudent' because 'the data is very worrying and there are many lives to save'

"It is more focused on managing the communication of the pandemic and protecting its image than on managing the economic and health crisis to safeguard Spaniards," the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, claimed to the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez , during his speech in the Plenary of Congress. “We are facing the worst scenario, the data is very worrying, there is no leadership on the part of the Government and they have promoted a false sense of security by saying that we are facing the beginning of the end of the pandemic ”, Has exposed Arrimadas.

The leader of Cs has asked that the restrictions of the Christmas Plan be reviewed and has demanded that the Government "assume the reins and be prudent because there are many lives to save." Arrimadas has regretted that they have "taken two months to accept Ignacio Aguado's proposal to carry out tests in pharmacies" and has asked for a testing plan in pharmacies nationwide. Likewise, the liberal leader has referred to the vaccination plan to point out that they have announced that "on January 4 or 5 the vaccination will begin" without having previously agreed and presented a national vaccination plan in the Lower House. "Is it going to depend on each Autonomous Community or do you want there to be a common plan?" He asked.

Given the health situation that is causing the Covid-19 crisis, Arrimadas has assured that "if this pandemic has shown something, it is the need to bet on science and innovation", for this reason Ciudadanos proposes that 2% of GDP be allocated to "have leadership in this type of strategies" and He recalled that they also proposed that “a box be included in the income statement so that Spaniards can freely choose if they want to allocate 0.7% of their income taxes to research, science and innovation, but you they voted against ”. The orange deputy has also referred to the anti-vaccine movements and has requested a plan to fight against it.

Likewise, the president of Cs has demanded that the President of the Government "not put European aid at stake for their chiefdoms to distribute themselves to the judges" because "democratic conditionality is still in force and you in your desire to control Justice can put the receipt of such aid is in danger ”. "Stop tarnishing the image of Spain and we are going to make a reform once and for all that complies with what is stated in the GRECO report of the Council of Europe", he asserted.

Regarding the European Funds, Arrimadas has also asked the President of the Government that when they arrive "guarantee that they are invested in Spanish society" and has demanded that "Iván Redondo not distribute them based on communicative and political criteria". "I ask that foreign policy is not decided by the populism of Podemos and for State Pacts do not hold the hand of people like Otegi and Junqueras who openly recognize that they do not care about Spain", that also "one is condemned for kidnapping and will return to be tried for terrorism and another sentenced for sedition and embezzlement ”, he said.

Before concluding, Arrimadas has invited the Executive to rectify and implement “a plan of direct aid for the hotel industry, merchants, SMEs, workers and the self-employed who are not having a sufficient response while you are implying that this pandemic has little left when there are still many months of non-normality ”. "This government should be more responsible, more self-critical, more empathetic and less triumphant," he declared.

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