03-25-2020 | Cs

The president of Ciudadanos confirms that the liberal formation will support the extension of the alarm state because "it is a common struggle"

"Without a doubt we are going to support the state of alarm because it is a common fight," assured the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, referring to the vote of the liberal formation this Wednesday afternoon in the plenary session of Congress that will debate the Government's request for the exceptional measures to be extended for another fifteen days. In an interview on the program 'Today for the Cadena SER, Arrimadas has asked the Executive to "make a daily assessment of compliance with the confinement measures before to go further. "

According to the leader of the orange formation, "every minute counts to save lives" in this "emergency situation". "Now we have to get the water out of the boat because we have received a torpedo and row in the same direction," said the president of the orange party.

The Cs leader recalled that the liberal formation "has not stopped sending documents to the government with measures" and that "many have been incorporated into the decrees, albeit with days of delay." "We have proposed that industries that do not generate essential goods be reconverted to produce essential goods" because "we have to see if productive activity can adapt to what we need right now," Arrimadas has given as an example.

In relation to the plenary session of Congress, the Cs leader has asked politicians for "exemplary" since people are asked not to leave home. "Just as it has been flexible with the oaths of the separatist deputies or with the telematic vote, I ask that it be flexible with the interventions of the Plenary," Arrimadas explained. "Behind a plenary session, many people work who are putting themselves at risk," lamented the president of the liberal party.

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