11-01-2021 | Cs

The president of Cs makes several visits with the vice mayor of the capital, including Mercamadrid, to support the professionals and volunteers who are working tirelessly.

Inés Arrimadas, has made “a call for collaboration between all administrations and between all political parties because Spanish society has shown that when we unite, when we collaborate and when we work together we are invincible and we can overcome things such as, for example, a pandemic or an almost unprecedented snowfall ”. "Citizens do not want to see partisan fights, what they want is to see us collaborate," he assured.

Arrimadas has made several visits with the Deputy Mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, to support the professionals and volunteers who are working so that "normality is gradually resumed." He has addressed them to acknowledge their work and thank them because "they have been working tirelessly for days so that activity can be restored."

One of the places that Arrimadas and Villacís have visited has been Mercamadrid, "it is a miracle that is proof of pandemics, cold waves and unprecedented snowfall in our country," said the leader of the Liberals after checking the work that is being done to recover the activity as soon as possible and to be able to guarantee the supply. “I want to thank the collaboration between different administrations and the UME which, thanks to the call from Begoña Villacís to the Minister of Defense, made available, as always, a team of about 40 people to clean the accesses and allow let the activity resume ”, he explained.

Likewise, Arrimadas has ensured that Spain has other challenges ahead such as "overcoming the third wave of the pandemic and the vaccination plan." For this reason, he has insisted on the call for the collaboration of administrations and political parties.

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