01-29-2021 | Cs

The president of Cs asks the constitutionalists "to go to vote en masse, because if they stay at home, the" procés "will continue and we will have a tripartite party"

"Catalonia deserves a government that thinks about the 7 and a half million Catalans and not only the ten leaders of the 'procés'", said the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, before the media, accompanied by the chief of the opposition and candidate of Cs to the presidency of the Generalitat, Carlos Carrizosa. Arrimadas has assured that Ciudadanos has “the best project and the best candidate to lead a Catalonia for all and in which we all win”, since on 14-F “we have the opportunity to achieve a Government that better manages the challenges of the pandemic and the resources of the Catalans, which marks the beginning of a new stage after a decade in which we have lost time, coexistence and opportunities ”.

The president of the liberal formation has asked the constitutionalists "to come to vote en masse, because if they stay at home, the 'procés' will continue and we will have a tripartite party." Carrizosa, for his part, recalled that the Government “has done the same thing it did months ago and the Supreme Court amended: to give prison privileges to their fellow party members. If after the elections ERC continues to govern, they will do the same, that is why we do not want them to be in the Government or with other independentistas or with the PSC company ”, he snapped.

Likewise, Arrimadas has expressed, in relation to European funds, the need for the Government to “rectify and reconsider”, since “it is bad news that Sánchez and the Council of Ministers can spend more than 140,000 million euros based on political criteria ”. "The investment of this money will be the most important thing for the next decade, and thanks to Vox it will not be spent according to technical or expert criteria."

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