04-01-2020 | Cs

The president of Ciudadanos regrets that yesterday the self-employed were charged the quota and assures that, 'if a solution had been found, many jobs could have been saved'

"Everyone is seeing that Ciudadanos is a very loyal party that advocates unity, but it takes an effort from the Government to agree on the measures," said the president of the liberal party, Inés Arrimadas, who recalled that Ciudadanos ( Cs) "always tries to improve the measures" of the Executive and "presents proposals and improvements". The leader of the orange group has explained that Cs' loyalty "consists in reaching out and being purposeful, in addition to denouncing what is not being done well."

In an interview on the 'Herrera en COPE' program, Arrimadas insisted that Cs "is a state party" and that, "if the government wants to count on the opposition," the training will "shoulder their shoulders." "The government has to speak to the opposition because it cannot think that everything that leads to Congress will be approved," asked the leader of the liberal party, who regretted that "in many of the measures that are announced there is no effort consensus. "

"We fight so that more lives and jobs are not lost and everyone knows how the government is doing things and will have time to judge it," Arrimadas said. He has also asked "not to waste a minute" and to focus on overcoming the health, economic and social crises created by Covid-19.

"Yesterday, the self-employed were charged and, if a solution had been found, many jobs could have been saved," said the president of the liberal formation. In addition, Arrimadas has warned that "there are measures that seem improvised and for which the economic impact has not been evaluated."

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