12-18-2020 | Cs

The president of Cs has assured before the tribute to the victims of the Sabadell attack that 'those who today do not condemn terrorism should not guide the most important decisions in Spain'

"Citizens are going to have to compensate with common sense for improvisations and the lack of a national pandemic management plan," said the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, while calling for "prudence" for the "High danger of a third wave". "It is a very difficult pandemic to control that requires responsibility and a national umbrella of protection for all citizens, that the national government take the reins, not that there are 17 different Christmases." Arrimadas has warned that "the problem is that the restrictions do not respond to a plan, and are not accompanied by aid to protect lives and jobs", because "it is not only a health problem, but also an economic one."

The president of the liberal formation has assured that "those who today do not condemn terrorism should not guide the most important decisions of Spain", she did so before the act of remembrance and tribute to the victims of terrorism on the 30th anniversary of the attack on Sabadell, to which he has attended together with the head of the opposition and president of the Cs group in the Parliament of Catalonia, Carlos Carrizosa. “We are here in remembrance of the victims to give them memory, dignity and justice; We vindicate democracy, the rule of law, memory and the public servants who were key in the fight against ETA ”, to which Carrizosa added that“ here in Catalonia, where there are politicians who take photos with leaders of terrorist groups, we must always remember that in the face of terrorism, Democrats must never capitulate ”.

Arrimadas has announced that Cs will request the appearance in Congress of Minister Celaá "to explain how she is going to enforce the judgment of the TSJC" on teaching in Spanish, and regrets "that you have to resort to justice to defend your rights in Catalonia". "This ruling means an amendment to the entire‘ Celaá Law ’, they have to withdraw it," he said, adding: "The Government of the Generalitat all wants to smash the rights of millions of Catalans."

Regarding the recent case of corruption of the PSC, led by Núria Marín, the president of the orange party has expressed her wish that "the words Catalonia and corruption be separated." "We demand to face the PSOE, because there are serious cases and this is not the first." Arrimadas has announced that his training "will present the anti-corruption law in Congress, which measures to protect whistleblowers", and recalls that in this case "with our law, whoever uncovered it would be protected by the administrations and authorities, and not silenced ”, he assured. "The change in Catalonia will come when corruption is condemned, when action is taken and it is not covered," he concluded.

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