03-18-2020 | Cs

The president of Ciudadanos thanks the Executive that "many" of the economic measures approved "were already contemplated" in the document that the liberal formation sent him

Citizens will continue to support the Government in this crisis and will also continue to make proposals to improve the approved measures, "said the president of the liberal formation, Inés Arrimadas, who has opted for" freezing the quotas of the self-employed who will have zero income. "Or because the measures also reach people who pay rent. According to the leader of Ciudadanos (Cs)," the Government has taken a very important step and we must recognize and thank it, but it is necessary that the measures reach more people " In addition, Arrimadas recalled that "many" of the approved economic measures "were already contemplated" in the document that the liberal formation sent to the Executive.

In a telematic intervention after the monographic plenary session of Congress on the coronavirus crisis, the president of the orange party has stated that, "if the measures are effective, the time of this crisis can be limited." "We have to make up for lost time and there is time to save many lives and many jobs", guaranteed the leader of Cs, who trusted that this crisis "is temporary" and can be overcome, "within all the misfortune for deaths and economic damage "," with collective learning "and, if it happens again in the future," we can act faster ".

Arrimadas has also given the support of Cs to some General State Budgets, which "are of a national emergency and that help to recover families and the Spanish economy." "Nothing that has been negotiated so far is useful," said the president of the liberal party, who said that Cs "has shown that she cares more about the country than party interests."

Furthermore, in this telematic intervention, Arrimadas has recognized the elderly, "a generation that went through a civil war and a dictatorship." "Today that generation is the most vulnerable, but we are with you and we are going to take care of you," assured the leader of Cs.

The Cs deputies have followed the Plenary session electronically, just as Arrimadas' intervention has been. The liberal formation considers that, if the Spaniards are asked not to leave home and close the companies and to avoid putting all workers in Congress at risk, the plenary session should be held electronically, as was already done this Tuesday on Minister council.

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