07-05-2020 | Cs

The president of Cs responds to the PNV representative and assures that 'the true chainsaw against the statute of Gernika was the Plan Ibarretxe and it is the infamous statute that they are negotiating c

"Constitutionalism has no ceiling in the Basque Country, or in any corner of Spain," the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, defended during her speech at the PP + Cs event held at the House of Meetings in Gernika where she has She was accompanied by the PP + Cs candidate for lehendakari, Carlos Iturgaiz, and the PP president, Pablo Casado.

"This project will not leave any Basque behind and will allow not a single constitutional vote to be lost on July 12," the leader of the formation assured the liberal by claiming the PP + Cs candidacy as " the only alternative to the PNV's cronyism and corruption ”and“ the home of all those who feel disappointed with the PSOE ”. Likewise, Arrimadas has responded to the PNV representative when stating that "the true chainsaw against the status of Gernika was the Plan Ibarretxe and it is being the infamous status that they are negotiating with Bildu to make first and second Basques".

The president of Cs has claimed that the coalition presented in the Basque Country defends "at all costs the legal framework that gives us our rights and freedoms, which is none other than the Spanish Constitution and the Statute of Gernika". "The union is strength and we are not going to allow barriers to be built between the Spanish" because "we love freedom and defend equality between all Spaniards and Basques," he added. In this sense, the PP + Cs candidate for lehendakari has also expressed, "we vindicate everything that unites us and identifies us to build a freer, tolerant and prosperous society along with the rest of Spain and the European Union."

Arrimadas has recognized the role played by Carlos Iturgaiz in Euskadi, "in life you have to be brave and you have to support those who have risked theirs to defend freedom." They have also referred to representatives of the orange party in the Basque Country as number 3 of the PP + Cs list by Álava, José Manuel Gil and number two of the coalition by Bizkaia, Luis Gordillo, as well as thanking the role of highly relevant figures who are supporting "this transversal candidacy" such as Fernando Savater and Maite Pagaza.

To conclude, the leader of the liberal party explained that both Citizens and the coalition they defend in the Basque Country “we know perfectly well which side of history we should be on, along with those who have looked under the car for years and not with those who Bildu is laundered "that is why he has asked that" no one stay home on July 12th. "

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