12-27-2019 | Cs

The president and spokesperson of Cs in Congress, Inés Arrimadas, asks the acting president to 'let the professionals of the State Advocacy work based on technical criteria'

"I appeal to the barons of the PSOE to stop this madness of Pedro Sánchez," said the president and spokesperson of the parliamentary group of Citizens (Cs) in the Congress of Deputies, Inés Arrimadas during her annual balance of the current situation from the country.

In her appearance, the orange spokeswoman has alluded to the resolution passed by the PSOE in its federal committee four years ago where "they rejected the thesis of separatism frontally." Arrimadas has asked “where is that PSOE?” And has called on the socialist leaders to stop “hiding their heads while Sanchez sells Spain in pieces”.

Arrimadas has accused Sánchez of wanting to practice as a lawyer for Junqueras, before which he has demanded “get his hands off the State Advocacy” and “let the professionals work based on technical and non-political criteria”.

"While Sanchez insists on that radical, unstable and harmful pathway for Spain," Arrimadas has insisted on the "Via 221", which is "the moderate route, that of stability and state agreements." And he has mentioned the agreement reached between liberals, socialists and conservatives in Europe to "unite those we believe in a common project and isolate nationalists and populists." "If we have done it in Europe, why don't we do it in Spain," the spokeswoman asked.

Finally, the president of the parliamentary group of Citizens, stressed that Spain "is not a piece that can be divided to sell it to separatism", and has defended the reform of the electoral law proposed by Citizens to "that politicians like Junqueras or Puigdemont , convicted of such serious crimes as sedition cannot be candidates. ” Likewise, the need for the Electoral Board not to allow Junqueras to obtain its MEP act "because he lost it when he was convicted," Arrimadas concluded.

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