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The president of citizens recalls the need for 'moderate and sensible PGEs that correctly incorporate European aid and have no ideology' so that 'it is not distributed in an office Ruf

"I ask for a political truce for Spain to face the second wave of the pandemic, be at the level of the Spanish and guarantee the future," assured the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, who has also extended it to the rest of parties because "it is a moral obligation to stop partisan struggles and focus on solutions." "The Government of Spain is the first to assume it, work with all political forces, helping all the Autonomous Communities with humility," he snapped.

In his meeting with Sánchez in Moncloa, Arrimadas recalled the importance of "guaranteeing the return to school" with "a national strategy and no 17" as well as "a conciliation plan" for families with infected children. Thus, he has asked Sánchez to "assume leadership and coordination."

"We get the extension of the ERTES beyond the State of Alarm but it is not enough," recalled the president of the liberal party, so she has asked again for its extension. "It is about anticipating and giving certainty so that many freelancers are calm," he assured.

In relation to the commitment to Europe prior to the presentation of the national reform plan and the budget bases, Arrimadas has proposed a series of reforms that "are necessary for the economy to take off and for the next crisis to catch us stronger." . Among them, digitization of the economy, reforming public administration to eliminate duplication, and diversifying the economy with measures to improve the competitiveness of companies and the self-employed.

Regarding the General State Budgets, Arrimadas has ensured that there is a "firm and real will to sit down and negotiate moderate and sensible PGEs that correctly incorporate European aid and do not have ideologies that are contrary to this country" as well as avoid " that they distribute it in an office Rufián, Otegui and Iglesias ”.

In relation to the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary, the leader of Cs has told the Government that "it does not count on us for the appointment and distribution." He explained that the solution is that "the PP and the PSOE agree to change the Organic Law" and thus "with the new depoliticized system we renew without waiting 40 months or negotiating with Podemos." "There are no excuses for us to support a negotiation in which we all win and it does not cost money," he added.

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