12-29-2020 | Cs

The president of Cs assures that "we have found much more responsibility in society than in the Government."

"I ask the Government to work more to protect the Spanish than to protect the image of the president, and I ask it to work more to manage the pandemic than to manage the communication of the pandemic," said the president of Ciudadanos (Cs) , Inés Arrimadas, at the press conference after the last meeting of the year of the Permanent Committee, in which she took stock of a "very hard 2020 that we will never forget". "The next few weeks will be marked by a third wave for which the country is not prepared, and by vaccination, for which we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but I want to call for caution, we must have hope, but there is still one last effort of many months to end this nightmare ”, Arrimadas said, highlighting this vaccination campaign as“ an achievement of the European Union, science and the health sector ”, and making an appeal to citizens to "feel proud and a beneficiary of this great project that is the EU."

The president of the liberal party has assured that "we have found much more responsibility in society than in the Government, which today is presenting an exam in which the teachers have been handpicked by Sánchez." "The government's assessment will be made by the Spanish based on real data, such as those who died during the pandemic or the fall in GDP", since "mistakes have been made as a result of improvisation and lack of leadership."

In the same way, Arrimadas recalled that “Ciudadanos was the first party that reached out to the Government for a national emergency budget. We have done a responsible opposition work and we have stopped tax increases ”. However, he regretted that finally the Budgets have not been "sufficient", because "there is no direct aid for the sectors most affected by the pandemic, nor for the reconciliation of families; On the other hand, we have seen counterparts to nationalist, separatist and apolitical parties that recently carried out a coup against our democracy. What we are seeing these days from the Government opening the door to pardons will do a lot of damage to millions of Spaniards ”. For Arrimadas "the separatist leaders do not deserve a pardon, but the families that have been ruined during this crisis and have lost everything."

Likewise, the leader of the orange formation has had a special memory for "all the deceased and people who overcame the disease but have consequences, and for the people who have suffered the economic consequences of this crisis." "I want to acknowledge Spanish society, it has been gratifying to see their ability to excel," she said, also showing herself "proud to preside over this party and the group we have, also the work that has been done not only at the national level, also at the local and regional level ”. "We are the only party in the center of Spain, we have been the only consistent ones, where we govern, we have asked the opposition for responsibility, and we have done the same where we do not govern," he concluded.

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