12-01-2021 | Cs

The president of Cs asks the Executive to take measures on the rise in electricity in the midst of the cold wave and recalls that ‘they can not only dedicate themselves to making banners when they are in opposition, they must ac

The president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, has asked the Government to "forget that the PSOE does not govern in Madrid, to focus objectively on the irreparable damage caused by the storm and declare Madrid a catastrophic zone" , during his visit with the deputy mayor of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, and the deputy councilor for sports, Roberto Núñez, to different areas affected by the storm Filomena. In addition, it has announced that the Citizens Parliamentary Group (GPCs) has electronically registered a Non-Law Proposal for "Madrid to be declared a catastrophic zone and expedite the procedure for aid to arrive."

Arrimadas has recognized companies, citizens, farmers and ranchers who have suffered the consequences of the storm and has appealed to all leaders, “we have to forget who governs in each place and we must all row together in the same direction collaborating between all administrations to solve the problems of citizens and entities ”. "This is not about parties or political quarrels, it is about helping companies and citizens who have suffered so much with this snowfall and this cold wave," he asserted.

In this way, the leader of the liberal party has warned that the data of the third wave is very worrying and “we have a vaccination plan that is working much slower than what experts say would be reasonable to achieve the desired immunity sooner. of the end of the year ”. For this, Arrimadas has once again offered the collaboration of the orange party to the Executive to stop the third wave and has asked him again to "lead a National Vaccination Plan." He also insisted on "the need for a Minister of Health who is focused on the problems of citizens."

Finally, the president of the Liberals has referred to the rise in the price of electricity and has demanded that the Government "take measures because not only can they dedicate themselves to making banners when they are in the opposition, they must act when they are governing." "From Ciudadanos we propose to remove the tax that affects electricity or hydrocarbons from the VAT base, and lower the VAT to reduce the electricity bill during the time of the pandemic," he explained. “These are measures that the Government can adopt. We ask you not to look the other way with a problem that affects absolutely all citizens, all companies and all the self-employed ”, he declared.

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