12-19-2020 | Cs

The president of Cs points out that "we have shown that the Spanish can be very useful also from the opposition" because "it is not a waiting room until you have to govern"

"I ask the Spanish to compensate with common sense and prudence the irresponsibility of a government that has not prepared a Christmas health plan." This has been stated by the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, after the last meeting of the year of the General Council of the orange formation in which "the positions have been renewed" for which "the new regional coordinators of the party ". Arrimadas has also announced that "we have presented the Budget for 2021 with a surplus and zero debts with banks", demonstrating that "those of us who have responsibilities for managing public matters, we have to show that we manage internally well."

"Sánchez has washed his hands again in the face of a complicated situation" because "we do not have a Christmas plan for Spain, generating uncertainty, and without wanting to assume difficult situations," Arrimadas explained, in addition to highlighting that "to talk about vaccines and European aid, Sánchez comes out first "but" to talk about restrictions, he derives his responsibilities.

Arrimadas stressed that "Ciudadanos has shown that it is a government party" because "we are doing well in the autonomous communities where we govern" but also "we have shown that the opposition can be very useful to the Spanish," because "the opposition is not a waiting room until you have to govern ". "Thanks to our discreet and courageous work we have managed to prevent Spaniards from raising about 5,000 million euros in taxes" since "we have been able to block the increase in VAT on concerted and special education, health and education" , and "we have avoided the rise in personal income tax on average incomes and the rise in corporate tax."

"Many of us are not going to spend these Christmases with our relatives due to responsibility," and "we are convinced that we are making an investment so that we can celebrate many more Christmases all together," Arrimadas stressed.

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