12-19-2019 | Cs

The spokeswoman for Cs in Congress says that "Via 221 will put in place measures to strengthen our country" and "will leave out populists and nationalists of the government"

"I have told Sánchez that, if he agrees with the nationalists and populists, he will make history for the worse, and if he follows Via 221, we will make history for the better." This is how the president and spokesperson of the Parliamentary Group Citizens (GPCs), Inés Arrimadas, politicians, intellectuals and more than 400 attendees at the meeting ‘Via 221. A constitutionalist agreement for Spain '.

Arrimadas has reflected: "What do we expect from a vice president who defends that Junqueras is a political prisoner or that Puigdemont is an exile or that in Spain there are nations and citizens of first and second?" "How are we going to ask Spain for respect if the government partners do not have it?" The president of the CPG has assured that "nationalists and populists can be left out of the government with a constitutionalist agreement."

Along these lines, the spokeswoman for Cs in Congress has explained that “Via 221 is the smartest way.” “A solo government of the PSOE with Cs and PP in the opposition, but making state agreements,” he added. Sánchez loses “precious time negotiating with those who want Spain to go wrong.” So if the 'Vía 221' becomes a reality, Arrimadas has recognized that “for the first time in democracy, we will reform matters of importance, we will decide the future of Spain, leaving aside the country of reds and blues. ”“ If we don't do it now, then it will be late, ”he stressed.

“We need moderation, build bridges, think about the future, guarantee stability; that is Via 221 ”, Arrimadas has ruled. "Together we can fight against nationalism and against populism," he added, while saying that "with 221 seats, we can put in place measures to strengthen our country and talk about conciliation, equality, pensions or education." One of the examples in which Inés Arrimadas has been arrested is that “Tomorrow Citizens will register a timely reform of the Electoral Law (LOREG) to make fugitives from Justice ineligible”

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