12-20-2019 | Cs

The spokeswoman for Cs in Congress presents a law to prevent impunity for escaped from Justice and another rule with an orange package of anti-corruption measures

"If seeing Oriol Junqueras saying that they will do it again does not cause Sanchez to rectify, I don't know what else has to happen in this country," lamented the president and spokesperson of the Parliamentary Group Citizens (CPGs), Inés Arrimadas, who has asked that the acting president of the government "end this shame and close the door to populism and nationalism and open it to constitutionalism." The Parliamentary spokeswoman for Citizens (Cs) has said that "what we can do is indistinguishable from what Esquerra does" because the two parties talk about political prisoners, a self-determination referendum or opening prisons.

At a press conference in Congress, Arrimadas has insisted on the ‘track 221’. "I do not trust that Sanchez change by principles, but by necessity," said the parliamentary spokeswoman of Cs, who has asked the president of the government in functions to "not press the State Advocacy" because there are already "many precedents, even purging people. "

The spokeswoman for Cs in Congress has presented the Law to Prevent Impunity for Fugitives from Justice, because "Spain must defend its democracy" and "measures must be taken so that those who want to break the country do not take advantage of the system" . "It makes no sense that a person escaped from Justice can be a candidate for elections and a public representative," said Arrimadas, who recalled that the liberal formation already registered in February 2018 this rule because the party knows "the movements of nationalism "

In addition, the president of the CPG has presented another law: “an orange package of anti-corruption measures”. "We want to protect the good and the brave who dare to denounce corruption and persecute the corrupt," said Arrimadas, who has described Cs as an "antidote to corruption.

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