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Carlos Carrizosa, affirms that he will take a step forward and will work "for coexistence and the real problems of the Catalans" if constitutionalism gets "one more seat" than separatism

"If we vote for Cs, we can forget about having a government that divides us and robs us with 'procés' and corruption." This was said by the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, in the ceremony held with the candidate of Cs for the presidency of the Generalitat, Carlos Carrizosa, and the candidate number 2 of Cs for Barcelona, ​​Anna Grau, where they have also Two of the founders of Cs, Félix De Azúa and Francesc de Carreras and affiliates oranjas participated. Arrimadas has stated that the day after the elections "we can rise up with the numbers to form a constitutionalist government led by Carrizosa and that thinks of all Catalans." For this, he pointed out the importance of concentrating the vote in Cs “because the only sure vote for Catalonia to grow again and so that we do not end up in a third tripartite” since “not only do we have to fight against nationalism, but we have to do good day-to-day management ”.

Arrimadas has stressed that Cs "is a party that has already made history" for having "revived the political center in Spain" and for having demonstrated with the electoral victory in Catalonia in 2017 that "it was not true that this land was nationalist or that we we wanted to become independent ”. He stated that the separatist parties "are very nervous" because "they see a real option to lose the government of the Generalitat", but added that, although there is not a coalition of separatist parties in government, what there may be is "a tripartite between the PSC, ERC and the Commons ”. "If they can, they will once again hold a tripartite vote and supposedly constitutional votes will go back to ERC," he lamented.

The orange candidate for the Generalitat, Carlos Carrizosa, has affirmed that he will take a step forward and work "for the coexistence and the real problems of the Catalans" if constitutionalism gets "one more seat" than separatism because "it is time to give the step to achieve a change and work for all Catalans ”. He has asked "to lead the PSC by the ear to agree on this change" in Catalonia because otherwise "they will agree with the nationalists as they do, curiously, always". "The guarantee of having another government is Cs because we are the ones who do not hide from saying that we are constitutionalists", he has sentenced.

The founder of Cs, Francesc de Carreras, has pointed out that “Cs is more essential than ever” because “the same reasons why the party was founded in 2006 are still in force now”, such as the fight against nationalism. On the other hand, Félix De Azúa, has emphasized the history of the party and pointed out that Cs is the only political force "capable of ending the cainism of one against the other."

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