12-13-2020 | Cs

The president of Cs, together with Carlos Carrizosa and Jordi Cañas, presents a decalogue under the brand 'Todos' in which they defend the priorities of the orange training for the coming years in Catalonia

"In the next elections we have to decide if we want a Catalonia for everyone or for the ten friends of Junqueras and Puigdemont", said the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, at a Citizen Meeting held in Barcelona together with the head of the opposition in Catalonia and president of the Parliamentary Group of Cs, Carlos Carrizosa, and the MEP of Cs, Jordi Cañas, in which under the brand “All” they have presented a decalogue in which they defend the priorities of the orange training for the coming years in Catalonia. "In Catalonia we need good management and work for coexistence among all Catalans," he asserted.

The leader of Cs explained that the lines of action of the liberal party in Catalonia are going to focus on betting on "a project for the future, realistic and without separatist delusions" because "it is a project for all Catalans whose objective is put them back together and not break Catalonia in half ”. “It surprises me that for separatism not even a world pandemic has meant a truce”, has criticized Arrimadas who has made it look ugly that separatism aspires to be “a State and they are not even capable of providing aid for the self-employed” and that now his answer is "Sink Madrid instead of raising Catalonia and making it competitive."

In this sense, the president of the orange formation has defended that "Catalonia needs a government that is not a problem but a help" and has assured that "when Citizens govern we will take care of cleaning up corruption, we will work to improve education and we will focus in attracting companies and not expelling them as has been happening due to the insecurity of the 'procés' ”because“ we want to regain the smile of all Catalans ”. To achieve this objective, Arrimadas has stated that "in the next elections it is necessary that we all go to vote because it is the only guarantee that there will be a government for all in Catalonia" and has claimed that "we are prepared to govern and we have the best project for all Catalans ”.

Regarding the decalogue with the Cs master lines in Catalonia for the next few years, Carrizosa explained that “we want to offer a new decade and forget the last 10 horrible years” and has asked “to start 2021 with a new government that will overcome all the anguish that has generated the 'procés' ”. The head of the opposition has highlighted the point of the decalogue focused on coexistence because "it is enough that the public media and the Government think only of one half of Catalonia" and has defended the need to work "for what worries the Catalans think what they think ”such as ERTEs, the economy or dependency.

Carrizosa has also stressed the importance of focusing on rebuilding the damage that the pandemic has done with a government "that always stops thinking about its book and talks about the self-employed and families." "The 'procés' confronts us with each other and distracts us from the true objective", he pointed out, while affirming that we must work "for the reactivation of the economy with the return of companies to Catalonia." He has also insisted on the importance of a Catalonia without corruption, since "the Catalans have difficulties to make ends meet while we have been robbed" and has warned that a tripartite with ERC and PSC will not bring regeneration to Catalonia given the involvement of several of its leaders in recent corruption cases.

The orange MEP, Jordi Cañas, explained that the next elections "are key and it is very important to mobilize" because Cs is the only party "that shows that it has a focused and constructive project." "We cannot waste any more time talking about the problems of a few," he lamented and concluded by adding that "our project is a society where no one has to renounce what they are, where we build a better future for all."

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