01/31/2021 | Cs

The candidate of Cs to the Generalitat, Carlos Carrizosa, is committed to being 'the first clearly constitutionalist president of Catalonia' and to promote policies that guarantee the freedoms of all

"Let's go to the polls en masse to concentrate the constitutional vote in Cs, let's not let them make a tripartite". This was said by the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, during her speech at the meeting of the National Executive Committee that was held online in Barcelona. Arrimadas has spoken of the "opportunity to leave behind mismanagement during a whole year of pandemic" and "10 years of 'procés'" and has assured that "the independence movement is divided and broken."

The president of Cs has presented the "bases for a change in Catalonia" which consist of "an audit of the superfluous spending of the Generalitat in the first 100 days of Cs in government" which would then be devoted to "what matters most now that it is health ”,“ zero tolerance for corruption ”and a“ trilingual educational system with English, Catalan and Spanish ”. He has also presented the Rescue Plan for families, the self-employed, SMEs and the self-employed, which consists of a “generalized reduction in taxes”, the elimination of inheritance tax and that “there are no restrictions without direct aid”, he said, as is done in Europe .

Finally, Arrimadas has shown its commitment "so that no one is left behind" with proposals such as free childcare for up to 3 years "so that women do not have to choose between work and family", a benefit for dependent children for families that do not reach end of the month and a law of urgent measures for dignity in the third age. Measures that, according to the orange leader, "should be the priority of the Government."

For his part, the candidate of Cs for the presidency of the Generalitat, Carlos Carrizosa, has pledged during his speech to be “the first clearly constitutionalist president of Catalonia”. And he recalled that when the PSC presided over the Generalitat, Maragall approved a Statute that the TC declared unconstitutional and Montilla attended the demonstration against this court, in addition to exerting linguistic pressure with immersion in schools and fines for merchants. "We are not going to consent to these policies as the PSC has done," he stated.

"I am committed to promoting policies that guarantee the freedoms of all Catalans," said Carrizosa. And he added that Ciudadanos is the party that can lead the change because it is the one that "has been fighting for him for years." “It will have to be Cs with the anti-corruption policies, with a generalized reduction in taxes and without a policy of tightening the screws against the Catalans who express themselves naturally in Catalan and Spanish. You will notice the difference between a government of Citizens and one of the PSC, with ERC and Podemos ”, he added.

During his speech, Carrizosa also criticized the Government for not intervening in an independence rally yesterday in Barcelona in which anti-Covid measures were not respected "Why does the Generalitat always treat some with wide sleeves?" has wondered.

Finally, Carrizosa has assured that the triumph of Cs in 2017 put the seed of a constitutionalist government in Catalonia since the presence of Cs in the Parliament "we have prevented the Parliament from becoming the national theater of Catalonia of the 'procés', marking to the government, making democratic control and without neglecting the day to day and the problems of the Catalans because we are the ones who have presented the most social proposals ”, he concluded.

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