11-24-2020 | Cs

The president of Cs explains in a meeting with the Childhood Platform and Save the Children her commitment to reestablish the benefit because 'it covers objectives other than those of the minimum vital income'

The president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, and the spokesperson for Social Rights and Equality of the Citizens Parliamentary Group (GPCs), Sara Giménez, have held a meeting with Plataforma de Infancia and Save the Children to show their support and claim together with they recover the benefit for a dependent child without disabilities, considering that "this benefit covers objectives other than those of the minimum vital income and is complementary."

To this end, Cs has undertaken to continue working to restore this benefit in the case of children without disabilities, to set the same amount as before it was repealed and to eliminate their integration into the minimum vital income. The orange formation believes that the recovery of this benefit would only be the first step for a change in the trend in childhood policies in Spain. Arrimadas explained that the objective is to go further to establish a system of protection and support for families that truly allows to effectively cover the costs of raising children in equal conditions and guarantees equal opportunities for children. In this sense, Cs advocates, in the future, progressively increasing the amount of the benefit up to € 100 per month in general and above that amount for families in situations of special vulnerability. Likewise, the liberal party is committed to progressively increasing the maximum income limit to be able to benefit from this benefit per dependent child, in a first phase up to € 14,000 per year and with the ideal goal of reaching € 22,000 in the future. year.

During the meeting, Arrimadas and Giménez have presented other measures that the orange training also defends, such as the guarantee of the basic right to food for minors, which is why the Congress of Deputies have presented different initiatives, including the free dining room service school for meal times on school days and financial aid so that their families can buy food through a "purse card" with which they could buy in stores directly and The stigma that families can impose on asking for food in front of the doors of social entities and food banks could be avoided. Likewise, Ciudadanos has also worked to promote proposals that promote equal opportunities for all boys and girls. One of its main demands is a National Plan against School Failure that will redouble efforts against this problem since Spain continues to be well above the average of the European Union.

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