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The president of Cs defends a reform of the Organic Law to reinforce judicial independence because 'it is time to recover the spirit of the parents of the Constitution so that the ma

"Neither blockades, nor political fingerprints, what we need is to depoliticize the General Council of the Judiciary", defended the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, in the plenary session in which the Organic Law Proposal presented is debated for the orange training for the reinforcement of judicial independence. "It is time to recover the spirit of the parents of the Constitution so that the majority of the members of this body are elected by judges and magistrates," he assured.

This Proposal of Law intends to “reinforce the independence of the election of the members of the General Council of the Judicial Power and return to what the Constitution of 78 said”, said the Liberal deputy, who explained that “in fact it was like that until a socialist government changed the law in 1985 so that the 20 members were elected by politicians ”. "Since then we have witnessed a shameful cast of judges, sometimes even sloppy on WhatsApp," Arrimadas has made ugly.

Likewise, Cs advocates a new election for the members of the Superior Courts of Justice of the Autonomous Communities to "eliminate that designation that is also made in part in the Autonomous Parliaments," said the president of the orange party. Another of the great changes that incorporates the Proposal of Law presented by Cs is to “change the selection criteria of some members of the collegiate bodies of the judicial career such as the National Court, the Supreme Court and other high positions designated thanks to fingerprints compounds of free designation ”, has assured Arrimadas.

The Cs deputy has asked the rest of the political representatives to choose “if they want to advance the independence of justice in our country, eliminating the control of the political claws of the Spanish justice system and attending to the requests that citizens make in the street "Because this Law is a" clear, clear and express recognition of all public servants who work in our judicial system and do their job every day despite the fact that some receive pressure, do not have the necessary means to do so or despite having than to exceed their working hours ", has claimed Arrimadas.

"Citizens have always asked the same and I assure you that we are not going to participate in any distribution of judges", Arrimadas recalled before ending his speech "paying tribute to judges, magistrates and prosecutors killed by ETA" whom he considers "a moral beacon for all democrats "and that is why" we cannot forget that every day we can make history and today we can do so by advancing in the democratic system of our country, "he asserted.

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