10-28-2019 | Cs

The candidate of Cs to the Congress for Barcelona, ​​Inés Arrimadas, has visited Albacete next to the head of the list of the orange formation in the Lower House, María Dolores Arteaga

Arrimadas has encouraged all Albacete people to overcome the discouragement they want to impose from "the tentacles of bipartisanship" and the next 10N go out to vote because "nothing prevents this country from taking off, but for that you have to put reforms in place. If you continue Voting them, Spain will have the same results, "said the spokeswoman for Cs, who has argued that" Cs is the only vote worth three times. "

In this sense, the candidate of the orange formation has explained that neither PP nor PSOE in the years that they have governed "have been able to implement the reforms that Spain needs," said Arrimadas, who added that "we face three major challenges: the blockade of the country, the need to address State pacts for education, against depopulation, etc. And the third, to take measures against corruption and in Cs we are trained to face them. "

In addition, Inés Arrimadas has argued that "the only guarantee of stability for Spain is Cs" and has indicated that "never in any elections have the polls been favorable for us, but we beat nationalism in Catalonia, we took the PSOE from the Junta de Andalucía and now we are demonstrating that we know how to govern, for example here in Albacete where Vicente is doing a great job. "

The spokeswoman in the Cs Congress has invited attendees to think of two scenarios, one in which the PP and PSOE governs, along with nationalists or extremists, and "where everything remains the same, there is no educational pact, do not face the necessary labor reforms, asphyxiation of the self-employed, etc. " has explained. And another scenario, that of a government with strong Cs, "where there is territorial equality, where infrastructure investment is planned according to needs, where a Pact for Education, a Pact against depopulation, where fighting against the corruption".

Arrimadas has concluded that "I like the dream more, the second scenario, than the nightmare."

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