07-01-2020 | Cs

The spokeswoman for Cs in Congress launches a 'message of hope' because 'Sanchez's partners have been trying to break our country for decades and they have not achieved it, nor will they achieve it'

"Now more than ever an alternative of center and common sense that thinks about the future of Spain is necessary." This was stated by the spokeswoman for Citizens (Cs) in the Congress of Deputies, Inés Arrimadas, during her speech at the investiture plenary session of the candidate for the presidency of the Government.

"Sanchez has not voted for a single Spaniard to do what he is doing today," since "he said he could not sleep with Podemos in the Government" and that "he would typify the crime of illegal referendum," Arrimadas explained. "He has burned all the bridges with constitutionalism while ERC insults the judges and the King" and "has been impassive when it has been said that there are political prisoners in Spain," said the liberal deputy.

The spokeswoman for Cs in the Lower House has pointed out that "Sanchez could have isolated nationalists and populists with large state agreements that give stability" since "we offered a way to talk about education, employment or pensions." "There are many Spaniards who are worried" about "the future of the economy or the attacks on institutions", since "the cessions to separatism mean inequality, it is not progressivism or social democracy," Arrimadas explained. "In spite of everything, I want to send a message of hope: the members of the sanchismo have been trying to break the country for decades and they have not succeeded, and they will not achieve it now", the orange deputy has finished.

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