10-02-2021 | Cs

The president of Cs assures that 'with Cs in the Government of the Generalitat there will be no more cuts in La Meridiana, we are tired of protecting those who break the laws more than the honest ones'

"On 14F we are going to play repeating the misrule of Moncloa in the Generalitat, we have to stop this trident of ruin with a moderate and sensible government of Cs," said the president of Cs, Inés Arrimadas, before the media, adding that “Illa has recognized that she wants a Government with the commons and ERC, which would be the alignment of the ruin, with Ada Colau in the Barcelona city council, the commons in the Government of the Generalitat and Pablo Iglesias in the Government of Spain ”. Arrimadas recalled, just four days before the Catalan elections, that "we are risking everything, that is why it is important to go to vote, because we risk managing the pandemic and not wasting money on it. procés', but go to health and education ”. "We need to think about the workers, the self-employed, the pensioners and the families, that is Cs's commitment, to stop pampering those who gave a blow to democracy and to start protecting those who pay taxes every day" , has assured.

The leader of the liberal formation has also appealed to the need to have an "exemplary and responsible" president of the Generalitat. "We learned that yesterday Illa refused to take a Covid test before the electoral debate, it was thought that she was above the rest, and gave a terrible image of irresponsibility putting many people at risk", something for which, she considers Close to each other, "he has to give many explanations."

After learning about the situation of Avenida Meridiana, the president of Cs has assured that “with Cs in the Government of the Generalitat there will be no more cuts in Meridiana, we are fed up with protecting those who break the laws that to the honored who comply ”. Arrimadas recalled that "we brought a complaint to the JEC and they have proved us right, this is political will and the commitment to guarantee the free transit of the Meridiana." And he added that, with the orange party in the Government, "efforts will focus on merchants, restaurateurs and residents of the area."

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