10-01-2021 | Cs

The president of Cs highlights the work of public servants who are working ‘to restore normality to many infrastructures and public services’ affected by the storm Filomena

"Once again, Spanish society shows in adversity that we are extraordinary when we are put to the test and it is necessary to help", assured the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, during her speech at the presentation of the heads of list of Cs to the next autonomic elections of 14-F. Likewise, Arrimadas has highlighted the work of all public servants who are working "right now to restore normality to many infrastructures and public services" that have been affected by the incidents caused by the storm Filomena.

The leader of the orange party, who has intervened telematically in the meeting due to the restrictions caused by the storm, has been accompanied by the candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, Carlos Carrizosa, the general secretary of Cs, Marina Bravo, the head of the list for Tarragona, Matías Alonso, the number 1 of Cs for Girona, Jean Castel, and the candidate for Lleida, Jorge Soler. “We are a team that grows, that already accumulates experience to be able to govern in Catalonia, but that also accumulates experience outside of politics. That is not going to be able to say all the candidates in these elections, "he claimed.

“Spain continues to have many challenges and Catalonia as a fundamental part of Spain as well,” warned Arrimadas, who insisted that one of the main challenges is the pandemic because “very worrying data will come in the coming weeks, probably due to the effect of the social gatherings this Christmas ”. "All I ask is a Minister of Health focused on managing the third wave and the vaccination plan that is much slower than we would like, and not a minister who is focused on trying to save votes for the PSOE" , because "the Catalans also need a good Minister of Health", he reviewed.

On the other hand, Arrimadas has pointed out that another of the great challenges to be addressed in Catalonia and in Spain in general is “nationalism and populism” because “Catalonia is a prosperous, dynamic, entrepreneurial land with many opportunities, which it has led during For a long time, many social, economic and cultural indicators that we want to recover. We want a Catalonia that comes out of the decline of the procés ”, he affirmed.

"In these elections we have to ask ourselves a very clear question: What do we want our vote to serve? Do we want it to serve to prop up the procés? Do we want it to serve to give the separatist leaders the opportunity to do it again for a second Once or do we want a new political stage for all Catalans focused on managing health, education, social services, the economy, aid to families and the self-employed? ”Arrimadas asked. He also stressed that "Cs is the only party that is not going to give in to nationalist blackmail and that it is not going to be the party you vote for and your vote ends in ERC."

For his part, the head of the list for Barcelona and candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat, Carlos Carrizosa, has assured during his speech that Ciudadanos wants to bring to politics "what unites us" and has criticized that the Government "takes the oxygen away of freedom and suffocation of Catalan society ”. For the candidate of Cs, the Catalans have the opportunity to “turn the page” on 14-F because it is worth “fighting for democracy, freedom, union and well-being”.

"We are prepared to go out and win", said the candidate of Cs. And he recalled that Ciudadanos is the only party that "will not betray constitutionalism" because its votes "will not serve to strengthen separatism."

"We are the common house of constitutionalism, a party with moderate policies and respect for the law," he added. Finally, Carrizosa has verified that Ciudadanos embodies a moderate and sensible project that will allow to recover the admiration felt for Catalonia in the rest of Spain.

The general secretary for Citizens, Marina Bravo, also spoke at the event, who assured that "Catalonia does not deserve and cannot allow itself a second 'procés' or a third tripartite". And he added that Ciudadanos "is the only party that can guarantee that none of this happens." For the Secretary General of Cs “there is a lot to change in Catalonia” and for this reason she has opted for “a change”, so that the Government of the Generalitat “stops having division as its axis and ignores more than half of the Catalans ”. "Catalonia is hungry to recover opportunities, the future and coexistence," he added. Finally, Marina Bravo has ensured that Carlos Carrizosa is the best leader to achieve it.

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