11-11-2020 | Cs

The president of Cs assures that the orange formation has shown "loyalty and seriousness" and recalls that "we have achieved the extension of the ERTE and the tax moratorium"

"Sánchez has to choose between ERC, which asks to cross out rights from the laws, and Cs, which we ask for help for families", The president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, has assured in an interview in the program ‘Espejo Público’ on Antena3. "We have done what we said we were going to do and there have been conditions for not presenting an amendment to the whole", but "now we are going to put conditions to be able to vote yes to the budgets", the liberal leader has warned.

"We have managed not to raise the VAT on special and concerted education, we have also prevented the increase in VAT in private health or not to raise personal income tax from € 60,000, as Podemos wanted", Arrimadas recalled when arguing the reason why Ciudadanos has not presented an amendment to the entirety nor is it going to support those that are going to be presented because "we are a party of words that with seriousness and work achieves good things for Spaniards" while "Others like PP and Vox shout a lot, but they don't get anything for the families," he defended.

Likewise, the leader of the orange party has explained that "another very different thing is to say yes to the final budgets" and has highlighted the main demands of Citizens to vote in favor of the budgets, "we want direct aid to freelancers, SMEs and companies with a direct injection that covers up to 75% of the turnover of the previous year as the model of Germany ”. Another of the demands that he has raised is paid leave for "fathers and mothers who have to stay with their children because they have to stay in quarantine and have no other option."

Ciudadanos also demands that "concessions to separatism be stopped" for that reason, Arrimadas has warned that "the moment of truth has come for Sánchez" and has asked the Prime Minister to "listen more to the moderate voices of his party than to Iglesias and the lords of Bildu ”.

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