10-11-2020 | Cs

The president of the party demands new orange lines from the Government if it wants the support of Ciudadanos in the budgets

"Sánchez has to decide whether to choose the moderate route of Cs to help all Spaniards or the route of concessions to separatism that only thinks of helping Junqueras", The president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, assured in a telematic press conference after the meeting of the Permanent Committee. "We are going to vote against the amendments to the whole this Thursday since we have managed to incorporate the orange lines that we transferred to the Government to be able to sit down to negotiate. While other parties in the opposition, such as PP and Vox, shout a lot, but they have not achieved anything ", however" from now on the Executive will have to look towards new orange lines if it wants Cs to finally vote in favor of the budgets ”, Arrimadas has warned.

The leader of Cs has indicated that there were two options, "to present the eighth amendment to the totality so that it decays or to sit down to work to obtain measures that alleviate the families". "The negotiation begins now", explained Arrimadas, who has announced the new orange lines that they will demand from the Government of Spain if they finally want Citizens to vote in favor of the General State Budgets. Specifically, Arrimadas wanted to highlight two that he considers fundamental. In the first place, it has requested "a European rescue model with direct aid to the self-employed, SMEs and companies that have seen their activity and income reduced by 50% and that covers up to 75% of the turnover of the previous year". The second major measure that he has presented has to do with conciliation, “we want measures to be taken seriously, that is why we ask for sick leave with benefit for parents with school-age children who have to be quarantined, even without positive CRP , as long as both parents cannot telework ”.

"The key value of Cs is to guarantee equality and freedom for all Spaniards", Arrimadas has continued explaining who has reported that, for this reason, “we are going to ask the Government of Pedro Sánchez to rectify the amendment to the Celaá law, which wants to eliminate Spanish as a vehicular language and a written commitment that there will be no referendum on secession in Catalonia ”.

"We are going to continue to firmly denounce the atrocities of this Government, but we will continue working with outstretched hands to save lives and jobs," said the president of the liberal party. “I ask Sánchez to listen to the moderate voices of the Government, the majority of Spaniards and the majority of their voters, which I am sure, prefer a state pact with a responsible party such as Ciudadanos and if he does not do so, he will have to explain it to all Spaniards ”, he concluded.

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