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The president of Cs proposes a 'consensus and reasonable solution' in Madrid and asks that 'the show ends'

"Sánchez must choose between the moderate path of Cs that will give stability to Spain or that of economic madness and cessions to separatism," said the president of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, in the telematic event organized by NEF Online. “With our path, Sánchez chooses different measures for Spain, on the road that we propose, the separatists cannot get more out of the Government of Spain, the follies of Podemos will be stopped and the image abroad will be more sensible. " And he added that "if you do not choose the path of Cs that is your own will, that you have no excuses." "It is very difficult for us to negotiate with this Government that has managed the pandemic very badly and in which Podemos is, which is the opposite of our thinking."

On the conflict in Madrid after the decision of the Superior Court of Justice, the leader of the orange formation proposes a "consensus and reasonable solution" and asks that "the show ends". "We must first think about what we agree on, on restricting the mobility of this bridge, right now there are no regulations that make this restriction," explained Arrimadas, who has also proposed "that the Madrid order be redone so that the comply with what the TSJM says, that another state of alarm is avoided by keeping the Community of Madrid in the management ”. "Let's give a message of good sense and union between the political forces," he snapped.

In reference to the next Catalan elections, the president of the liberal party has asked for a “constitutional unitary list” and “to recover the spirit of October 8”. “It seemed like a chimera to beat the separatists and we did it in 2017, if we go together I guarantee that we win the elections, that Catalonia can be governed and that we will agree to have a program common". And on the possibility of the Catalan socialists joining the coalition, he has assured not to lose "hope." "The important thing is to have the political will to join forces."

The meeting was also joined by the leader of the liberal formation in Catalonia, Carlos Carrizosa, who regrets that "the focus of the real problems" is moving away, citing as an example the visit of King Felipe VI, "a priority objective of the separatists". "The Catalan Government is always on the side of conflict and problems, never on the side of solutions." “We need to govern and leave behind this black stage that the process has supposed. A business event that brings together the Barcelona City Council and the Government of Spain to promote the city and put Catalonia at the forefront is obscured and boycotted by the Catalan Government itself ”. To which Arrimadas has added that "Spain is the only country in the world where the Head of State is attacked from power."

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