11-29-2019 | Cs

The spokeswoman for the GPCs says that 'a national force like Cs will fight to have a place in the Bureau' because 'it has won more votes than those who had other parties' that did

"I ask Pedro Sánchez to rectify and change the table of shame for a constitutionalist table because there is a very large majority to curb the feet of nationalism," said the president and spokesperson of the Citizen Parliamentary Group (GPCs), Inés Arrimadas, who has regretted that the president of the acting Government always has "an innate tendency to agree with nationalists and populists." Arrimadas has offered Sánchez “221 seats in Congress to reform Spain” and has lamented the contacts of the PSOE with populist and separatist parties.

In an attention to media in Congress after collecting his act as a deputy, Arrimadas has warned that "the government is already a nightmare because you know what Iglesias wants" and has regretted that it will be "the legislature of the nightmare for 95 % from the people". In addition, he has criticized that it is a "weak government" because it will depend on the nationalists.

On the Table of Congress, which is formed on Tuesday of next week, Arrimadas recalled that parties such as the PNV and Convergència, which represented three percent of Spaniards, have held many legislatures. "A national force like Citizens (Cs) is going to fight for a place in the Mesa", since "it has obtained 1,600,000 votes, many more than those that had other parties that were."

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