01-23-2020 | Cs

The president of the CPG visits Fitur and trusts that 'the Government of Spain is committed to the tourism sector and sees it as an opportunity and not as a problem'

"Sanchez will be the last to know and assume that Torra is disabled and convicted of disobeying," lamented the president and spokesperson of the Parliamentary Group Citizens (CPGs), Ines Arrimadas, who has asked "what else does Sanchez need?" . The Parliamentary spokeswoman for Citizens (Cs) has criticized the President of the Government talk "a lot with the separatists and very little with the constitutionalists"; "Let's see if the tables are changed and accept what Justice says," he added.

In addition, Arrimadas has also criticized the "custom suit Junqueras to give a pardon for the back door" that Sanchez wants to do with the reform of the Criminal Code. "Changing the criminal type for which they have condemned Junqueras is not a social necessity, it is a need for Sanchez to stay in the Moncloa," said the parliamentary leader of the Orange Party.

The president of the CPG has visited Fitur on Thursday and has hoped that "the Government of Spain will bet on the tourism sector and see it as an opportunity and not as a problem." For the parliamentary spokeswoman of Cs, "Spain has to continue advancing in this sector that represents more than twelve percent of its GDP."

Arrimadas has ensured that “Citizens are committed to tourism” and added that there are “great challenges” that they face in this sector, such as “sustainable tourism”. The president of the GPCs has toured the Madrid tourism fair accompanied by the vice presidents of Andalusia and the Community of Madrid.

The parliamentary spokeswoman of Cs has also referred to the rise in the minimum interprofessional salary and has called for "more measures to combat temporary and precariousness." “The Spanish labor market needs a draft reform with consensual measures that address all the problems,” explained the president of the GPCs.

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