01-14-2020 | Cs

The president of the GPCs recalls that the liberal formation 'took a proposal to depoliticize Justice and PSOE and PP knocked it out in February 2018'

"The 'sanchismo' does whatever it pleases to achieve its objectives and has no qualms about using state institutions," warned the president and spokesperson of the Parliamentary Group Citizens (GPCs), Inés Arrimadas, who has said that "This government has not been able to start worse." Arrimadas has affirmed that Citizens (Cs) want “independent institutions” and has lamented that today there is no “constitutionalist agreement” and yes “the worst‘ sanchismo ’”.

At a press conference at the Congress of Deputies, the president of the GPCs recalled that the liberal formation "took a proposal to Plenary in February 2018 to depoliticize Justice and PSOE and PP knocked it down." "If PSOE and PP had approved this initiative of Citizens today we would not have to pass this embarrassment" to see how a Minister of Justice becomes the State Attorney General (FGE), criticized Arrimadas.

“What will we have left to see in these years of‘ sanchismo ’if the government starts like this?”, Cs spokesman in Congress has asked. "Sanchez is so ready for everything to remain in power that he is going to skip what the Supreme Court and the Central Electoral Board says because he will treat Torra as deputy and president of the Generalitat when it is no longer a thing or the another because it has already been disabled and convicted, "Arrimadas said, referring to the meeting that Sanchez will have with Torra.

"How much damage Sanchez has done to the Spanish social democracy that today there are doubts about whether the Socialist Party can align on the side of Puigdemont and Comín when the request is voted in the European Parliament," said Arrimadas.

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