11-02-2019 | Cs

Citizens (Cs) deploys the Catalan, Spanish and European tribandera heart in Tarragona

"The electoral repetition is going to go wrong for Sanchez because Spain starts to smell like Andalusia." This is what the candidate of Citizens (Cs) to the Congress for Barcelona, ​​Inés Arrimadas, has said in an act in Tarragona during which a large canvas has been deployed with the Catalan, Spanish and European tribandera heart. Arrimadas has assured that "the nationalists and the immobilists who speak of reds and blues are always going to vote, so let us also go" and has especially addressed the "center and moderate" people. "There can be no tiredness, fear or signaling that makes us lose hope in this country," he said.

The candidate of Cs to the Congress for Barcelona has stressed that "the photo of Albert Rivera as president of the Government, after taking Sánchez de Moncloa, is the nightmare of ERC and Torra and the dream of most Spaniards." And he has accused the PSOE of “being a government of Spain that abandons the Catalans” and the PP of “promising a lot from the opposition and doing nothing when they are in the government”. Instead, Rivera is "the only leader who represents all Spaniards because he knows what it is to be Catalan, Spanish and constitutionalist."

The national spokeswoman and leader of the party in Catalonia, Lorena Roldán, reminded attendees that "on November 10 it is in our hands to end the impunity of radical separatism or continue to see how totalitarian radicals are at ease." Also, accompanied by more than a hundred affiliates, supporters and elected officials, he has reminded Torra that "they will not be able to throw us out of Catalonia because there is no barricade, bonfire or stone that can move us from our land." "Constitutionalists do not hide or wear hoods, we come out face to face because we love our land and we are proud to be Catalan, Spanish and European," he said.

For this reason, Lorena Roldán has encouraged to fill the ballot boxes with orange ballot boxes in 10N so that Albert Rivera, Inés Arrimadas and Sergio del Campo can work from Madrid for “a Catalonia for all within a strong and united Spain, where coexistence is respected and freedom". “If citizens win, they gain democracy and lose totalitarianism; if Citizens win, they gain freedom and lose their fear; if Citizens win, win coexistence and lose Torra ”, he has finished.

For its part, the head of the list of Cs to Congress for Tarragona, Sergio del Campo, has encouraged 30% of undecided people in the province to go to the polls and recalled that the citizens vote is worth three because “vote to Cs is to put Spain in motion to unlock the country, carry out the necessary reforms and the only guarantee that the rights of all Catalans and Spaniards will be defended. ”

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