03-16-2020 | Cs

The President of Ciudadanos asks the Government to adopt economic measures to save jobs and companies and help the self-employed

The president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, has assured that "the challenge of the next few days is to ensure that the destruction of the economy turns into a freezing of the economy because, instead of destroying jobs and businesses, they will temporarily freeze " "We want the Government of Spain to make announcements with economic measures to save jobs," said the leader of the liberal party, who recalled that Cs already made a proposal last week with the aim of helping the Spanish economy in this health crisis situation.

Arrimadas, in a radio interview in 'Las mañanas de RNE', recalled that the liberal formation is betting that the self-employed do not pay their dues during this period of alarm or that a general tax moratorium is approved, through credit lines. with the endorsement of the State. "It is necessary to take urgent measures," insisted the president of Cs.

"Citizens of course will support the extension of the state of alarm," said Arrimadas, who recalled that the orange party was already asking for measures to avoid infections "because 24 hours are key." The leader of the liberal formation added that the orange party "is behaving like a state party loyal to the Spanish" and has lamented the attitude of Sánchez's nationalist partners: "it is being seen in whose hands the future of the Spanish".

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