06-12-2020 | Cs

The president of Cs vindicates the "generosity of the generation that gave us birth in democracy" in "a difficult year for them" for being "the group that has suffered the most from the pandemic"

"The Constitution contains pages of freedom that we must respect because it is threatened every day." This was stated by the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, during the meeting held for Constitution Day in Barcelona together with the head of the opposition in Catalonia and president of the Cs parliamentary group, Carlos Carrizosa.

"The Spanish Constitution is freedom, democracy, coexistence, equality and union" and "those who do not respect the Constitution are not respecting these values," said Arrimadas, in addition to making a "recognition of the generation that gave us birth in democracy and the longest and most prosperous period in our country ", since" it has been a difficult year for them "because" they are the group that has suffered the most from the pandemic. " "Ciudadanos is a proudly constitutional party" that "was born in 2006 when no one else wanted to defend it" and that "seed of courage is what must be watered every day." The president of Cs has also announced that "we will deliver a copy of the Constitution to Catalan city councils governed by separatism" as a "Christmas gift", at the same time that she has recommended to the independence mayors that "they respect more and attack the Constitution less" .

For his part, Carrizosa recalled that "Ciudadanos was born in Catalonia because of the orphanhood we felt in the face of the old bipartisanship that left constitutionalism defenseless" and stressed that "we have left our skin to defend freedoms" while other parties "looked to the other side, or even agreed, in the face of the political abuses of nationalism ”.

The head of the opposition in Catalonia has assured that in Catalonia "constitutional values ​​are threatened by separatist parties that try to separate Catalonia from the rest of Spain" when the Magna Carta "protects the ideas even of those who go against it." The also president of the group of Cs in the Parliament has recalled that Cs stopped "the 2017 coup" and also Quim Torra by denouncing him to the Prosecutor's Office so that "if Torra does not continue in the presidency of the Generalitat, it is because we denounced him" . "We Catalans deserve to put an end to this 'procés' that is ruining us" and "diverting funds to beach bars" like TV3, he said.

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