02-02-2021 | Cs

The president of Cs assures that the 14F ‘we have the opportunity to be able to elect a government that focuses on the priorities of the citizens’

"The economic engine of the industry in Catalonia has to roar again, so when Cs governs we will promote a Return Plan for companies and industrial relaunch", announced the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, after visiting the business hub telecommunications 'Are @ 8' of L'Hospitalet de Llobregat. “The decade of procés in Catalonia and the pandemic have severely hit companies and workers who are at the foot of the cannon every day and who are enduring this crisis. We have to make up for lost time ”, he stated.

"In Catalonia we have lost too many things, time and opportunities due to a wrong policy since we have more taxes than in other places, more legal insecurity and an Administration that protects those who fail to comply and that abandons those who comply with their obligations", has disfigured the leader of the Liberals during the attention to the media in which she was accompanied by the vice president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, and the candidate number 2 for Barcelona, ​​Anna Grau. Arrimadas has claimed that the orange party wants to "make up for lost time" and has detailed the Pact for the Return of companies and the Relaunch of the Industry in Catalonia proposed by Ciudadanos that is based on four basic pillars. On the one hand, the legal security that it undertakes to guarantee "if there is a new constitutionalist government to protect all those who pay taxes and generate wealth."

"Less taxes and more public guarantees for companies" is the second major axis that Arrimadas has explained so that "Catalonia does not continue to be a fiscal hell and is a competitive land of opportunities". In this sense, he said that "Cs shows where it governs that we are capable of lowering taxes on the middle class and companies, and raising more to have more and better services" which also means attracting companies back to Catalonia.

The third point of this urgent Plan for the Return of companies and Industrial Rescue is committed to simplifying administrative burdens so that companies can focus their efforts on producing and not filling out paperwork and completing procedures. "In this Autonomous Community the paperwork, the bureaucracy, the duplicity and the innumerable beach bars make it hell to set up a company, request a license or attract investment," Arrimadas asserted. The last point defends that Catalonia has always been a land with a very strong industrial weight that "has been the basis of quality and competitive employment", for this reason Cs is committed to relaunching Catalan industry with an equivalent Direct Aid Plan for Industrial SMEs 15% of the lost turnover since the outbreak of the pandemic and an expansion of the industrial land area.

"The Generalitat, local administrations and the Government of Spain have to bet more to help this sector that is suffering so much and they must prioritize the necessary infrastructures," Arrimadas pointed out.

Therefore, the president of Cs has assured that the 14F "we have the opportunity to elect a government that focuses on the priorities of the citizens" and has warned that "if we stay at home, there is a danger of having a ERC government with Junqueras commanding the Generalitat thanks to a pardon from Sánchez and where there is a blackmail table where the constitutionalists are not going to be represented ”.

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