08-29-2019 | Cs

The spokeswoman for the CPG has urged the Government to give explanations about border control measures and the fight against mafias that traffic with immigrants

The spokeswoman for the Parliamentary Group Citizens (CPGs), Inés Arrimadas, has labeled the government's immigration policy as "non-existent" and has accused the Executive of applying measures based on "whether the case is media or not." "It is a contradictory management in which you have gone from saying that you would do nothing to say that you would fine the NGOs," he criticized, while recalling the presence of the Vice President of the Government "in front of 700 accredited media" during the Arrival of the Aquarius. "Meanwhile, Aquarius kept coming to our shores every day," he recalled. "The Government does not have immigration policy, but of blows and improvisation depending on whether the case is media," he lamented.

During his speech at the extraordinary plenary session on the Open Arms, Arrimadas has recriminated the Vice President of the Government that the Executive does not give explanations about the “fundamental problems” of immigration in the Mediterranean and has urged him to deepen the “origin ”Of irregular immigration. "We have not heard that this government wants to control the borders or wants to fight against the mafias that profit from suffering and despair," said the spokeswoman for the GPCs, who has insisted that Spain is the main point of access for immigration irregular. "The mafias cannot decide the immigration that comes to a country," he added.

"But they are not just our borders only," added Arrimadas, who has insisted that they are "European borders where Spain's leadership should be seen." For this reason, he has urged Sanchez to go to Europe "not only for dinner", but to agree "a joint struggle against the mafias" and "a solution so that no one ever loses his life in the Mediterranean".

In this regard, the spokeswoman for the CPG has thanked the "solidarity and empathy" of Spanish society against the "human drama" of irregular immigration and has praised the work of Maritime Rescue and the State Security Forces and Bodies. "The humanitarian rescue efforts have been carried out long before Mrs. Calvo arrived," said Arrimadas, who recalled that "humanity is not the heritage of the PSOE."

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