05-15-2020 | Cs

The president of Cs explains that today she meets with Pablo Casado to 'do a review of everything' before taking maternity leave

"The Government is giving fewer explanations than the opposition", assured the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, who stressed that the Executive "is not giving public explanations of what is going to be asked, what alternatives it has and what terms". "I will always try to be useful," said Arrimadas, who recalled that Ciudadanos has achieved "something that seemed impossible", such as the Government recognizing that a "plan b" is necessary "so that it does not have to declare the State of Alarm to anything".

In relation to the possible support of ERC to the Government, the president of the liberal party has explained that "the nationalists do not give their supports for free and their conditions are not good for the Spanish." "It is bad news that the government depends on nationalist parties, but it is clear that if it does so it is because Sánchez wants to," Arrimadas has snapped. He has assured that "everything that Citizens can prevent ERC from setting the course of the country or Podemos the economic course of the country, will be positive."

Also, the president of the orange formation has explained that she meets with Pablo Casado to “do a review of everything” before taking maternity leave. He has alluded to the elections in the Basque Country where Cs and PP come with a "transversal coalition supported by constitutionalists such as Maite Pagaza or Fernando Savaater, who have all fought for freedom in the Basque Country." "The Basques deserve a constitutional option that does not lose a vote in the next elections," he added.

Finally, Arrimadas has referred to the phase change that occurs again on Monday. He lamented "the lack of clear criteria" and "uncertainty" since today Friday "nobody knows what will happen". The leader of the orange party stressed that citizens have to have time to organize and recalled that it is necessary to combine “continue saving lives and save jobs”, with proposals such as the one in Madrid to reinforce the prevention of contagion with the mandatory use of masks .

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