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The orange president explains that if Cs governs in Catalonia, it will promote 'a pact for companies to return, a plan to promote industrial, less bureaucracy and a reduction in personal income tax' to the incomes more

"The only vote of the center, moderate, with economic proposals for Catalonia and that does not play it, is that of Cs". This has been said by the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, at the meeting on the economy and European funds where the Cs MEP, Luís Garicano, the candidate number 3 of Cs for Barcelona, ​​Nacho Martín Blanco, and the Candidate number 4 of Cs for Barcelona, ​​Marina Bravo. Arrimadas has encouraged all constitutionalists to vote on February 14 because "it will depend on a seat to have a real alternative to separatism and not a great change" from a separatist government "to a tripartite with ERC."

The orange president has asked to avoid "the alignment of the economic ruin for Catalonia" that would mean having the mayor Ada Colau in the Barcelona City Council, the Commons in the government of the Generalitat and Pablo Iglesias in the government of Spain. He explained that, on the contrary, "when Cs governs, taxes go down and corruption is fought" and pointed out that "the decisions taken now will be very important for the future of the coming decades" given the distribution of funds Europeans. In this sense, Arrimadas has highlighted the need to "stop having a Generalitat that governs against Catalonia" and has affirmed that European funds are an opportunity to reverse "the decline and fall of economic indicators in which there has been Catalonia has sunk in the last 10 years ”because of the 'procés'.

Arrimadas explained that with a government of Catalonia "a pact will be promoted so that companies return" because "we continue to generate talent despite the last governments of the Generalitat", and also "an industrial boost plan with direct aid of 15% of lost turnover for industrial SMEs ”. "The last governments have been more aware of plugs and Catalan 'Nasas' than to talk about the weight of the industry," he lamented and also added that Cs will promote a reduction "of bureaucracy and paperwork" and a reduction of the autonomic section of the Personal income tax of 2.5% on the lowest incomes of € 12,500. "It is insane that we have the highest salaries in high positions and privileges for former presidents, but then we have the middle and low income taxed with more taxes," he concluded.

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