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The president of Cs warns that the electoral program of the socialists "is a blackmail table that gives privileges to the leaders of the‘ procés ’and pardons to those who carried out a coup d'état"

The president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, has warned that "the PSOE can no longer deceive anyone because the electoral program for the third tripartite between the Socialist Party and Esquerra Republicana has just been confirmed in Congress." "It is a blackmail table that excludes more than half the Catalans, gives privileges to the leaders of the 'procés' and pardons to those who gave a coup d'état and covers the real problems we suffer in Catalonia", the leader has summarized of the liberal party.

At a press conference in Congress after the debate on an ERC motion on the ‘table of shame’ supported by Pedro Sánchez’s party, Arrimadas assured that “no one will be able to say that the PSOE has not made it clear”. "On February 14 we can elect more tripartite, more blackmail tables, more privileges for Junqueras, or we can elect for the first time in a democracy a constitutionalist government led by Citizens," said the president of the orange formation, who added that Cs he wants "to lead the next government of the Generalitat" and that "evidently" will have "the rest of the constitutionalist forces".

“The question is not whether the PSC is going to do a tripartite with ERC if they give it the numbers, which we know is; the question is whether they will give you the numbers, ”said Arrimadas. In addition, the president of Cs has asked to go out “to vote en masse on February 14 to prevent ERC from getting away with it and to prevent constitutional Catalans, who are not defended by the PSOE, from being silenced with these tables of blackmail that only serves to grant pardons to Junqueras ”.

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