02-09-2021 | Cs

The president of Cs assures that “the Cs ballot is the vote that will never end in a pact with ERC. We do have a project for all Catalans "

Arrimadas: "The vote for Cs is for those of us who want more extraordinary payments to health workers and fewer lifetime payments to former presidents," said the president of Cs, Inés Arrimadas, at the doors of the Arnau de Vilanova hospital, where she has attended the media accompanied by the head of the list of the orange formation for Lleida, Jorge Soler. Arrimadas has expressed that the vote for the orange formation is "for those of us who think more about the self-employed than in Junqueras and Puigdemont", and for those who "want more extraordinary payments for health workers and less lifetime payments for former presidents of the Generalitat" , because "we must reward those who heal and stop giving privileges to those who have punished the Catalan economy and society."

Arrimadas has indicated 15-F as "the first day of a new stage for Catalonia", and has assured that "the Cs ballot is the vote that will never end in a pact with ERC." "If we want to end the 'procés' we cannot have a tripartite with CKD, that would prolong the suffering and mismanagement of the pandemic." Prior to the media attention, Arrimadas and Soler have held a meeting with representatives of the Lleida hoteliers' union, for which the leader of the liberal party has stated that "we do have a project for all Catalans." "When we govern we will have money where it matters, in aid to the self-employed, hoteliers and merchants who are abandoned by the Government of the Generalitat and also that of Spain", he has expressed, and has listed a series of rescue measures for the self-employed as " 4,000 euros of help to pay rents, at zero income, zero fee, and a flat rate for the self-employed who re-register ”.

Regarding the management of the pandemic, Arrimadas has announced that “when we govern, we will promote a transparency plan in vaccination to know where vaccines go, with the political commitment of all parties so that whoever skips the queue , be separated ", remembering that" we have already achieved it in Murcia with the PP Health Minister. " Furthermore, "when Cs governs, Catalonia will be represented at all meetings of the Interterritorial Health Council".

Likewise, the president of the orange formation has expressed the wish that "families, merchants and restaurateurs stop suffering totalitarian cuts from separatist parties in La Meridiana and return to normality." “After the appeal of Cs to the JEC, today the Department of Interior acts for the first time. Yesterday we took him to the JEC and tomorrow to the Prosecutor's Office. Enough that citizens pay and protect the usual ", he lamented, and concluded by stating that" Cs is next to common sense and normality that we deserve in Catalonia. "

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