03-11-2019 | Cs

The national spokeswoman, Lorena Roldán, affirms that next 10-N there is 'the opportunity to create the Catalonia of coexistence, to shake hands again'

"The vote of Cs is valid so that the corrupt do not decide for the currantes, the extremists for the moderates and the nationalists for all the Spaniards." This has been said by the candidate of Citizens (Cs) to the Congress of Deputies for Barcelona, ​​Inés Arrimadas, in an event held in L'Hospitalet de Llobregat with the national spokeswoman and leader of the party in Catalonia, Lorena Roldán, and the candidate from Cs to Congress for Madrid, Edmundo Bal. Arrimadas has affirmed that an orange government will “dismantle the separatist machinery” and will promote “the reforms that with PP and PSOE seem impossible” in pensions, labor market and education “reaching out to the constitutionalist parties”.

The candidate for Barcelona has pointed out that the nationalists “do not get tired of indoctrinating in schools, stealing money for the 'procés' and covering up corruption with the stele” and has pointed out that the vote for Cs “will be the voice of the Sensible, hardworking Catalonia that wants peace and coexistence ”. Arrimadas has also explained that Cs wants “a quality education with English as a vehicle language, promoting labor conciliation and birth and decent pensions with decent work” and has warned that, given the risk of a future crisis, “we must prove new recipes so that they don't end up paying the usual ones ”, as happened with the PP and the PSOE.

The national spokeswoman of Cs, Lorena Roldán, has affirmed that on November 10 there is “the opportunity to create the Catalonia of coexistence, to shake hands and where there are no indications by totalitarian” and has pointed out that “ we do not need violence to defend our ideas, it is worth it with the ballot of freedom and coexistence. ”Roldan has explained that what is at stake is“ living in a country where those who cut roads are at ease ”and has stressed that “the orange vote is the only one that guarantees a Catalonia for all.” “Say 'yes' to democracy, constitutionalism and freedom and 'no' to Torra, totalitarianism and violence,” said the spokeswoman.

Finally, the candidate of Cs to the Congress for Madrid, Edmundo Bal, has pointed out that next Sunday "we are going to throw Sánchez de la Moncloa" and has affirmed that the constitutionalist Catalans "are the real brave ones because they endure Quim Torra and his minions talking all the time about independence while living in burning cities. ” "You are the image of a Spain and a free Catalonia that does not give up and will never take a step back," he concluded.

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