05-14-2020 | Cs

The Cs president will meet with Pablo Casado tomorrow to review the measures in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and its health, social and economic consequences

"There is no more useful party as opposition and critical of the Government than Citizens," stressed the president of Citizens, Inés Arrimadas, who explained that from the liberal party "we do not stop making proposals, we have managed to get improvements to the Government for families, the self-employed and SMEs ”. "We must guarantee economic recovery in Spain, we are in that because it is our role," he assured.

"A legal framework is necessary to guarantee the health of people at times when there is a focus, without needing to be in an exceptional situation," explained the leader of Ciudadanos, who recalled that "the conditions of Ciudadanos are leaving materializing ”since the Government has been forced to acknowledge that a plan b is being prepared. Arrimadas explained that it is necessary to specify it, "that is why I ask that you agree with the opposition." "Sánchez would have to call more to the constitutional parties than to PNV and ERC," he added.

The president of Ciudadanos has stressed that the need to "think about the Spanish and a new outbreak" because "the state of alarm cannot be prolonged permanently." He has reiterated the importance of the use of masks. "We want the government to make the use of masks mandatory as well as continue to maintain hand washing and the safety distance," Arrimadas explained, stressing that "the seroprevalence study is not good. There is no group immunity and you have to take this seriously. ”

On the other hand, Inés Arrimadas has announced that she will meet with Pablo Casado tomorrow, "because I want to review the measures in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic prior to taking maternity leave" as well as "its health, social and economic ”.

In relation to the General State Budgets, the leader of Cs recalled that the economic model of the liberal party and that of Podemos is "is antithetical" so "ideally, the economic course of this country should not be marked by Churches if not that it was an agreement between the Government, the opposition and the social partners ”to“ go to Europe with a consensual plan ”.

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