12-12-2019 | Cs

The spokeswoman for Cs in Congress says she will do 'everything possible' for the President of the Government 'to close the door to populists and nationalists'

“Today I will get back in touch with Pedro Sánchez to insist on the route that I proposed of 221 constitutionalist seats and set a date for a meeting that seems more urgent than ever” after seeing this Tuesday “another meeting of shame between PSOE and ERC, ”announced the president and spokesperson of the Parliamentary Group Citizens (GPCs), Inés Arrimadas, who warned that“ a government that depends on a soup of letters from nationalist parties cannot be an alternative for Spain. ” Arrimadas has insisted that he will do "everything possible for Sanchez to rectify and close the door to populism and nationalism and open it to constitutionalism."

At a press conference in Congress after the meeting with King Felipe VI, the president of the CPG has regretted that Sanchez continues “along the road that he said he would not let 95% of Spaniards sleep” and has assured that the 221 seats of Cs, PP and PSOE are "the only sensible proposal that gives stability" to Spain "throughout the legislature." Arrimadas has affirmed that she is convinced that the Spanish prefer a constitutionalist agreement and has criticized that "those convicted of sedition decide who will be the president of the Government."

“Sanchez has a constitutional, moderate and stable path and I ask him to take it because the alternative with the populists and the nationalists is disastrous” because “we cannot attend a Cambalache, a sale of Spain in pieces, every time they have to approve some budgets, ”said the spokeswoman for Citizens (Cs) in Congress.

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