05-11-2020 | Cs

The president of Cs has underlined the need to increase the mandatory use of masks

"Today the ERTE are dissociated from the state of alarm, it is the first condition that we took from Sánchez to support the extension," the president of Ciudadanos (Cs) said in a telematic press conference, this Monday, after the meeting of the Orange training executive. Inés Arrimadas has reaffirmed "the decision to extend the state of alarm" so that it does not decline this past Saturday and has pointed out the need for the Government to "comply" with the conditions it signed. "There are many other measures that must be refined and improved" , he said, "we are critical of the improvised, rectified and unilateral decisions of the Government".

The Cs parliamentary spokesperson has recognized that "we are useful, as the pandemic requires, and we are prudent in not advancing scenarios." "This week, we have to meet with the government and go step by step in this pandemic," Arrimadas said. "The Government has realized that it has 155 seats, that it does not have a majority and that it has to negotiate," stressed the spokesperson for the GPCs.

"In order to balance saving lives and jobs, we again ask the Government to make the use of face masks compulsory in closed places such as banks, supermarkets, theaters, museums or cinemas," said the liberal deputy, adding that "it is a necessary supplement to distancing social and hand and surface hygiene ”. "If we wear masks and use them well, contagion decreases," he stressed.

Arrimadas has detailed that Edmundo Bal, Sara Giménez, María Ángeles Rosado and José Ramón Bauzá have joined the Cs Executive Committee for the first time. Likewise, Bal will join the Orange Formation Standing Committee. The president of Cs welcomed them and praised "the leadership and decision of the teams of the liberal party."

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