04-04-2020 | Cs

The President of Cs has sent a letter to the President of the Government in which he asks for a transversal alliance between parties and social agents to give an answer at the height of this serious moment

The President of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, sent this morning a letter to the President of the Government in which he urges him to promote a great national agreement that includes the parties and social agents of the country to offer the Spanish a horizon of guarantees and hope in the face of the devastating effects of Covid-19. Some National Reconstruction Pacts that would become the 21st century version of the Moncloa Pacts, when, in the late 70s, the generations of our parents and grandparents were able to join the margin of ideologies to overcome the worst circumstances .

Arrimadas, who a week ago already asked Sánchez for a meeting between leaders of the different political parties to seek consensus and avoid improvisation in decision-making, asks the Government that the measures it adopts in the face of this crisis are not decided again. unilaterally or putting ideology first, but counting on the opposition and the social agents. The president of Cs proposes to the Executive to stop acting alone and agree on all the next measures to be able to assess their real impact on the Spanish economy and society, as well as so that they have greater support abroad.

In his letter, Arrimadas wanted to underline the exemplary response of the Spanish people, both in the responsibility of complying with confinement and in union and in the solidarity shown by citizens in these difficult times. The president of Cs asks that the policy be up to the exemplary nature of the Spaniards and the gravity of the circumstances and therefore proposes that parties and social agents work together, with a consensual, moderate roadmap with a sense of State and without partisanship. A plan in which the vast majority of Spaniards can feel involved and that gives them peace of mind and certainties while saving as many lives and jobs as possible.

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