04-01-2021 | Cs

The president of Cs requires the Executive to lead "a national vaccination plan because we cannot have 17 different plans."

“We cannot throw vaccines at our heads nor can they be a reason for dispute. For this reason, I ask for a political truce to address a national vaccination plan and the third wave, ”said the president of Ciudadanos (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, in an interview on Telecinco's‘ The Ana Rosa Program ’. "It is not worth just putting the logo on the vaccine box, the Executive has to take the reins and must lead a national vaccination plan because we cannot have 17 different plans," he assured.

"We still do not know the effect of Christmas," Arrimadas has warned. For this reason, he pointed out that it is urgent "to have a single registry of vaccinated persons at the national level and homogeneous criteria." Faced with the foreseeable application of new restrictions as a result of the third wave, the Cs leader has once again demanded "direct aid for SMEs and the self-employed as they do in other countries" since "it is necessary that the restrictions are accompanied by measures of support for".

The president of the liberal formation has announced that “we will register an initiative for the Minister of Health to appear at least once a week during the month of January. A month that traditionally tends to be non-working in Congress ”. Likewise, he has referred to the candidacy of Salvador Illa to preside over the Generalitat and has asked the minister to leave his post because “the Spanish do not deserve a part-time Minister of Health who is dedicated to campaigning in the middle of the third wave and in the middle of the vaccination plan ”.

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